Who is Cheri? Good question! Cheri is a dreamer, an artist, a spiritual journey. Of course she is also a drama queen, a tomboy, a friend. It depends on the day.

Cheri grew up in Athens, Ga. with the most wonderfully supportive family encouraging her to act since the age of three. She started in the theatre earning a Drama Performance Degree from The University of Georgia then moved on to Atlanta to focus on film and voice over. Some of her most valuable training came in LA under the direction of Sam Christensen and Theatre Junkies. Sam helped her discover her “Essence” as Sam calls it, “Proof that white cotton underwear is the sexiest lingerie on earth.” Strange but true.

Cheri has been blessed enough to have three films released nationwide in the past year, more than 30 TV and Radio commercials, and “The Signal” premiering at The Sundance Film Festival. She can’t wait to see what happens next year!